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Bearberry vs Wild Strawberry

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Fragaria virginiana

Wild Strawberry

Bearberry is a dwarf shrub known for its creamy pink flowers and red edible fruits.

It is great as a filler in gardens and flowerbeds in place of invasive ground cover plants, like English Ivy.

Bearberry will attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees to your property.

Often called the Woodland Strawberry, the Wild Strawberry produces a sweet, edible red berry all throughout the later spring and summer. This compact, stemless plant spreads mostly through the means of runners, and grows quickly.

Flowers and fruit of the Wild Strawberry are usually present simultaneously throughout the summer. This variety is native to North America, which gives it its name.



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Zone: 1b
Zone: 4a
Height: 0.1 m (0.3 ft)
Height: 0.1 m (0.3 ft)
Spread: 0.9 m (3 ft)
Spread: 0.3 m (1.0 ft)
Moisture: dry, normal
Moisture: dry, normal
Light: partial shade, full sun
Light: partial shade, full sun
Fall colour: red to purple
Berries: small red berries
Berries: sweet
Flowers: small, purple-white
Flowers: white
Growth rate: slow
Growth rate: fast
Life span: medium
Life span: short
Maintenance: medium
Suckering: medium
Suckering: high

Other Names: kinnikinnick, mealberry, sandberry
Other Names: common strawberry, mountain strawberry, virginia strawberry