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Do you Guarantee your Trees?

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Our guarantee:

We guarantee that your trees will put on new growth within 30 days of planting or we'll give you store credit for the value of those trees. Here's how it works:

  1. You must make a good faith effort to plant your trees in a timely manner and into appropriate conditions, using the methods described in our "How to plant a tree" question.
  2. You must make a good faith effort to care for your trees before and after planting. Weeding and watering are not optional.
  3. We don't cover everything. Examples of situations not covered include: planting in an inappropriate size of pot, aesthetic issues, slow growth, winter survival, over or under watering, drought, floods, fire, extreme weather, disease, pests, sprayed with herbicide, delayed planting, transplanting, not planted at all, etc.

Upon receiving your trees:

Contact us immediately to report damaged, unhealthy or missing trees. You must care for your trees before planting them. And you must plant them within 7 days of receiving them or within 12 days of the ship date, whichever comes first.

Read our "How should I care for my trees before I plant them?" question for more information.

Planting your trees:

You must follow the procedure in our "How to plant a tree" question.

How to make a claim:

Email within 6 weeks of receiving your trees to make a claim. We will not entertain claims made after this time. Your email should contain your name, order number, a description of the problem, and the number of trees that are at issue. Send us photos too so we can see the planting site and what's happening with your trees (photo instructions).

What to expect when you make a claim:

It's a busy time of year so it might take a while to process your claim. Please be patient.

Some people want their claim handled immediately because they think we'll be able to send them replacement trees right away. But that's not how it works. By the time you would be submitting a claim, it's not possible to send you new trees this season.

As long as you submit your claim within 6 weeks of receiving your trees and work with our staff to resolve your claim, we promise we will follow up with you.

Maximum claim amount:

We'll give you store credit for the amount you paid for the portion of the trees that did not meet our guarantee. For example, if you purchased 30 trees for $5.00/tree and 10 of them do not put on new growth as guaranteed, we'll issue you a store credit for $50.00 ($5.00/tree x 10 trees). No other fees or expenses are covered.

Not everyone receives the maximum claim amount. If we determine that you did not care for or handle your trees according to our instructions, we will take that into account.

Our goal is the success of your project; repeating mistakes again next year helps no one. If you cannot assist us in our troubleshooting (by answering questions and sending us photos), we will not be able to complete your claim.

Last updated: October 5, 2018

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