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Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry) for sale

Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry)

Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry)

Vaccinium vitis-idaea


Bog Cranberry is a native, ground cover species. These plants generally produce one crop per year in summer. The plants have single blooms. Leaves are bright green, oval and alternate. New growth can be covered with fine hairs. Plants may spread 3 feet in width forming a dense mat which makes it attractive as an ornamental ground cover.

Wild crops of Bog Cranberry are harvested each year in Newfoundland (more than 200,000 lbs/yr). Harvest of wild fruit can no longer keep up with demand. In Europe, 80 million pounds per year of this crop is grown or harvested from the wild.

Bog Cranberry flowers are similar in shape to those of blueberry and may be white or pink in color. These berries are considered to be highly flavored but not as tart as cranberries.

Check out our YouTube video of this plant in the fall right here.


Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry) - 2 Year Old

Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry) - 2 Year Old

After a year of greenhouse growth, these plants have been replanted in the bareroot fields to allow for growth and to ensure hardiness.

Stock Type: Bareroot
Age: 2 years (P+1)
Size: This is a ground-cover species. Heights are not relevant.

Bog Cranberry - 2 Year Old
Bundle of 5
SAVE 24% (was $16.99)
Bog Cranberry - 2 Year Old
Part box of 30
SAVE 8% (was $11.99)
Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry) - 1 Year Old

Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry) - 1 Year Old

Greenhouse grown seedlings. True to type and vigorous. Sorted for size and form.

Stock Type: 412A Plug (125 ml)
Age: 1 year (1+0)
Size: This is a ground-cover species. Heights are not significant.

Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry) - 1 Year Old
Bundle of 10
SAVE 46% (was $13.99)
Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry) - 1 Year Old
Part Box of 30
SAVE 41% (was $8.99)
Bog Cranberry (Lingonberry) - 1 Year Old
Full Box of 180
SAVE 47% (was $7.49)


Zone: 2a
Height: 0.2 m (0.7 ft)
Spread: 0.9 m (3 ft)
Moisture: normal, wet
Light: partial shade, full sun
Berries: tart, edible red berries
Flowers: white or pink flowers
Growth rate: slow
Life span: medium
Suckering: low
Pollution tolerance: low

Other names: cowberry, dry ground cranberry, fox berry, foxberry, lingonberry, northern mountain cranberry, partridgeberry, rock cranberry, wolf berry, wolf-berry

Tags: All Items, Berries, Fall Colour, Ground Cover, Interesting Foliage, Native Alberta Plants, Native North America Plants, Permaculture

Ships to Canada: yes
Ships to USA: yes

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