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Wild Red Raspberry

Wild Red Raspberry

Wild Red Raspberry

Rubus idaeus


The Wild Red Raspberry produces small, tart, red berries. They are delicious when eaten fresh, but also add flavor to preserves or desserts. They are highly suckering and can be high yielding.

The Wild Red Raspberry is also otherwise known as the American Red Raspberry, European Red Raspberry, Grayleaf Raspberry, or the Common Red Raspberry.

The Wild Red Raspberry are floricanes, primarily fruiting on second year canes. Each spring cut back all two-year old canes, leaving only the last year’s growth. This is a self-pollinating variety, so it doesn’t require a second plant nearby to set fruit.


Boyne RaspberryEncore RaspberryKillarney RaspberryAurora HaskapBlack Raspberry
Boyne RaspberryEncore RaspberryKillarney RaspberryAurora HaskapBlack Raspberry


Zone: 4a
Height: 1.5 m (5 ft)
Spread: 1.5 m (5 ft)
Moisture: normal
Light: partial shade, full sun
Flowers: white
Growth rate: fast
Life span: short
Maintenance: medium
Suckering: high
Pollution tolerance: medium

Other names: american red raspberry, common red raspberry, european red raspberry, grayleaf red raspberry, red raspberry

Tags: All Items, Berries, Flowering, Native Alberta Plants, Native North America Plants, NEW, Raspberries, Wildlife Attracting

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