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Mountain Maple

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Mountain Maple

Acer spicatum


Used to growing in the shadows of the damp forest, White Maple (aka Mountain Maple) is a great fit for shady and wet areas, such as beneath larger trees. Unlike most of its cousins, the White Maple is a shrub instead of a tree. It's still a maple, however, with sap that can be made into Maple syrup to prove it!

In May and June, the classic shapes of Maple leaves are joined by clusters of green and yellow flowers. Soon after, red samaras (aka helicopter seeds or whirligigs) appear. This distinctive appearance makes White Maple an excellent choice for giving urban yards a unique (and patriotic) look.


Golden WillowLaurel Leaf WillowAcute Willow  
Golden WillowLaurel Leaf WillowAcute Willow  


Zone: 2a
Height: 15 m (50 ft)
Spread: 15 m (50 ft)
Moisture: normal, wet
Light: full sun
Fall colour: purple to bright red to yellow
Flowers: yellow and green
Bark: thin reddish or greyish
Growth rate: fast
Life span: long
Maintenance: medium
Suckering: medium
Pollution tolerance: high

Other names: white maple

Tags: Accent Trees, All Items, Deciduous Trees, Maple, Urban Yards

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