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Sea Buckthorn vs Dutchmans pipe

Hippophae rhamnoides l.

Aristolochia macrophylla


Sea Buckthorn
Dutchmans pipe

Sea Buckthorn is a nitrogen fixing shrub that produces attractive berries high in vitamin C.

While we can't confirm claims that the berries are effective in treating various ailments, many people believe consuming the berries helps with arthritis, infections, and asthma, among other things.

Sea Buckthorn plants have attractive pale silvery-green leaves, dense branches, and large thorns, people like to grow in ornamental hedges or as a first row in a shelterbelt.

Note: these plants typically reach maturity and make their sex easily known (females producing fruit) in their 3rd or 4th year of growth. Our seedlings are too young to identify their sex.

The Dutchman’s Pipe is a fast growing, deciduous, woody, climbing vine. Featuring large heart-shaped leaves that overlap and often hide the flowers. The Dutchman’s Pipe namesake comes from the long yellow-green, brown or purple flowers that flare at the end, resembling Dutch smoking pipes.

The Dutchman’s Pipe will make a great screen or shade in your urban landscape, but does require support from a trellis or a fence. To control the growth, cut back in late winter.



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Zone: 2b
Zone: 4a
Height: 5 m (15 ft)
Height: 5 m (15 ft)
Spread: 4 m (12 ft)
Spread: 5 m (15 ft)
Moisture: dry, normal
Moisture: any
Light: full sun
Light: any
Berries: small, edible
Flowers: green/brown/ purple, pipe shaped
Growth rate: medium
Growth rate: fast
Life span: medium
Life span: short
Maintenance: medium
Suckering: high
Suckering: low

In row spacing: 0.9 - 1.2 m (3 - 4 ft)

Between row spacing: 5 m (16 ft)

Toxicity: toxic/poisonous to people and animals

Other Names: sallowthorn, sandthorn, seaberry
Other Names: broad leaf birthwort, pipevine, wild ginger