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White Oak for sale

White Oak

White Oak

Quercus alba


White Oak is large, long-lived tree with an irregular trunk divided into spreading, often horizontal, stout branches. A highly adaptable tree, White Oak features green acorns and beautiful green leaves that turn red-purple in the fall.

With a huge growth in bourbon and scotch over the past few decades there is an emerging shortage of white oak that is the primary tree used for cask barrels and aging.


White Oak - 2 Year Old

White Oak - 2 Year Old

These seedlings are bareroot seedlings that have been growing in bareroot fields for two years. They were transplanted into different bareroot fields between growing season. Better branched with greater root mass than container seedlings.

Stock Type: Bareroot
Age: 2 year (1+1)
Size: 25-58 cm (10-23")

Heights are quite variable

Rare find

White Oak - 2 Year Old
Bundle of 3
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White Oak - 2 Year Old
Part Box of 15
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