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Silver Leaf Willow vs Red Spruce

Salix alba sericea

Picea rubens

Silver Leaf Willow
Red Spruce

Native to North America, Silver Leaf Willow has orangish bark and long, silvery grey leaves. Bees and other insects are attracted to its flowers.

Popular as an ornamental tree for parks, it is also used as a shelterbelt species. It may not be as cold hardy as some of the other willow varieties, however.

Red Spruce is a long-lived, shade tolerant conifer that grows naturally in eastern Ontario and the Maritime provinces. Hardiest in the eastern regions of Canada, this tree tolerates many soil types, moisture levels, and is low maintenance.

Attractive year-round foliage makes Red Spruce a nice ornamental tree for urban and rural landscapes. If you are considering creating a shelterbelt, privacy screen, or hedge in eastern Canada, this tree is an excellent option.



Lowest Price: $2.49 - SAVE UP TO 42%
Lowest Price: $1.79 - SAVE UP TO 60%
Zone: 2a
Zone: 3a
Height: 15 m (50 ft)
Height: 25 m (82 ft)
Spread: 15 m (50 ft)
Spread: 6 m (20 ft)
Moisture: normal, wet
Moisture: normal
Light: partial shade, full sun
Light: any
Fuzz/fluff: yes
Catkins: yes
Bark: yellow-brown
Bark: reddish-brown to black
Growth rate: fast
Growth rate: slow
Life span: long
Life span: long
Maintenance: high
Maintenance: low
Suckering: high
Suckering: none
Pollution tolerance: high

Other Names: white willow
Other Names: eastern spruce, he balsam, he-balsam, yellow spruce

Ships To Canada: yes
Ships to USA: yes
Ships To Canada: yes
Ships to USA: no