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How to take photos for a claim

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Photos help us establish what happened to your trees and help us process your claim quickly.

We work hard to produce vigorous trees with great survival rates and we are very proud to offer our guarantee. But we don't cover everything. Please read the terms of our guarantee before you make a claim.

Tips for taking and submitting photos:

  • Wait at least 30 days after you planted your trees to take any photos. Some species need the full 30 days to flush and we'll just ask you to submit another batch of photos later if you take them too soon.
  • Take 1 or 2 photos of the general area where the seedlings that failed to flush are planted so we can see the environment they were planted in.
  • Take 1 closeup photo of each tree that failed to flush up to a limit of 2 or 3 photos of each species for which you are making a claim. We don't need to see 50 photos if 50 seedlings didn't flush for the same species.
  • Ensure we can see the ground your seedling is planted into as well as the seedling itself in each closeup photo.
  • If your dead seedling blends into the background of your photo, we recommend putting a piece of cardboard behind it and taking another photo. We need to be able to see it clearly.
  • We have a limit of 20MB for attachments in our ticketing system. This should be more than enough room to send us a couple of photos but if your photos exceed this limit you can:
    • Reduce the size of your photos before emailing them to us.
    • Upload your photos to the internet and email us a link to them.
    • Send your photos to us in multiple emails.
  • Our guarantee page will tell you everything you need to put in your email to make your claim.

Common photo issues:

No photos of the general area.

no photos of the general area

No closeup photos.

no closeup photos

Blurry (or otherwise low quality) photos.

blurry (or otherwise low quality) photos

Photos of the seedling but not the ground it's planted into.

photos of the seedling but not the ground it's planted into

Seedlings that are indistinguishable from the background.

seedlings that are indistinguishable from the background

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