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Siberian C Peach for sale

Siberian C Peach

Siberian C Peach

Prunus persica Siberian C


The Siberian C Peach is a cold hardy peach cultivar, and the fruit is great for producing juice and fresh eating. This variety is native to the Gobi desert area of China, and is relatively true to seed. In colder climates they might not grow fruit reliably as they require a relatively hot summer for the fruit to produce.

Unlike most peach trees the Siberian C Peach doesn’t require thinning and is quite productive. The fruit are firm enough to handle mechanical harvesting.

While it is possible to graft other peach varieties to the Siberian C Peach, research has shown that the Chui Lum Tao Peach and Tzim Pee Tao Peach are better candidates for rootstock.

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Siberian C Peach - 1 Year Old

Siberian C Peach - 1 Year Old

Greenhouse-grown from seed, sorted for height and form.

Stock Type: 512A Plug (220 ml)
Age: 1 year (1+0)
Size: 25-45 cm (10-18")

Heights are quite variable

Some of these seedlings were cut back to fit into our boxes to save on shipping costs.

Siberian C Peach - 1 Year Old
Bundle of 3
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Siberian C Peach - 1 Year Old
Part Box of 15
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Siberian C Peach - 1 Year Old
Full Box of 90
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Chui Lum Tao (CLT) PeachTzim Pee Tao Peach   
Chui Lum Tao (CLT) PeachTzim Pee Tao Peach   


Zone: 4a
Height: 4 m (12 ft)
Spread: 4 m (12 ft)
Moisture: normal
Light: full sun
Fall colour: red, orange, yellow
Flowers: pink
Growth rate: medium
Life span: short
Maintenance: medium
Suckering: medium
Pollution tolerance: medium

Tags: Accent Trees, All Items, Deciduous Trees, Fall Colour, Flowering, Fruit Trees, NEW, Peaches, SPECIALS, Urban Yards, Wildlife Attracting

Ships to Canada: yes
Ships to USA: no

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