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How do I know you sell quality trees?

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At we go to great lengths to ensure every tree we sell is healthy and ready to be planted when you receive it. Before you buy a single tree from anyone, make sure you are buying quality stock.

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Where do you get your seed and cuttings? Our seed and cuttings are collected locally by our staff when possible. Otherwise they are purchased from a reputable supplier. The vast majority of our seed is sourced in the prairies. The best seed and cuttings come from healthy, vigorous trees growing in the conditions and approximate location where the seedlings will be planted.
How are your seeds stored? Our spruce and pine seed resides in the Alberta government's official seed vault. Most of our other seed species are stored in our Smoky Lake facility. This is the same facility that stores the vast majority of Alberta's Oil Sands reclamation seed. Seed is alive! Different species have different requirements to ensure they survive storage and remain vigorous once planted.
How are your seeds cleaned and prepared? The majority of our seed is cleaned, stratified, and handled by seasoned experts at our industrial-grade seed cleaning plant in Smoky Lake. The way seed is cleaned and prepared for planting can mean the difference between vigorous, healthy seedlings and weak, pathetic ones.
What is your tree growing experience? Our facility in Smoky Lake has been in operation since 1997. It has a 9 million container capacity and grows trees for Alberta's forest companies, oil and gas reclamation, and Alberta's oil sands reclamation along with's stock. Experienced growers are more likely to produce healthy seedlings year after year.
Where are your trees grown? Our facilities in Smoky Lake and Bonnyville (both in Alberta) grow the vast majority of our trees. Trees grown at these facilities are well suited to Canada's prairie climate and conditions. Trees do best if they are grown in conditions similar to those in which they will be planted.
How are your trees stored over the winter? All of our trees are stored in our cold storage facilities. The temperature is held at -3 C and the trees are securely packed in plastic lined boxes to keep them from being damaged during shipping, handling, and storage. Some companies store their trees outside for the winter, harvest them in the spring, and then ship them to their customers after the ground thaws. While this results in lower cost for the grower, it is harder to deliver healthy trees and impossible to allow the customer to choose their own shipping date. Other companies harvest their trees in the fall and place them in cold storage for the winter. This costs the grower more but gives the grower precise control over the environment of the trees over the winter.
Do you test your trees before you ship them to ensure they will flush? We RGP test a sample of every species we sell just before we start shipping in the spring to ensure your trees will flush after you plant them. Previously healthy seedlings can be damaged while in cold storage. Good companies take steps to prevent this damage. But excellent companies test their trees before they ship them to their customers.
Do you offer any guarantees? Every tree we sell is covered by our industry leading guarantee. When a company offers you a guarantee, it shows their confidence in their ability to deliver healthy, vigorous trees.
What's your reputation? We've been selling trees online since 2004. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and hold it's highest rating. Companies who have a reputation for growing quality trees will probably continue to grow quality trees.

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