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American Sycamore

American Sycamore

American Sycamore

Platanus occidentalis


American Sycamore is the largest tree native to eastern North America. Generally too large and messy to be a street tree, American Sycamore thrives in large, open spaces, such as an acreage or farm.

The bark is one of the main features that draw people to this tree. The outer bark flakes off in irregular pieces to reveal an attractive white, green, and cream colored inner layer, providing winter interest.

American Sycamore has an extremely fast growth rate, gaining up to 6 ft in one year, and will easily reach its mature height in a short period of time. Be wary of this trees' root system, as it's typically very extensive and needs lots of room to expand.


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Northwest PoplarOkanese PoplarAmerican ElmAmur MapleArmstrong Maple


Zone: 4a
Height: 23 m (75 ft)
Moisture: normal, wet
Light: partial shade, full sun
Growth rate: fast
Life span: long
Maintenance: high
Suckering: none
Pollution tolerance: medium

Tags: All Items, Deciduous Trees, Fast Growing Trees, Native North America Plants, Shade Trees, SPECIALS, Wildlife Attracting

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