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Whitebark Pine for sale

Whitebark Pine

Whitebark Pine

Pinus albicaulis


Whitebark Pine is a beautiful coniferous tree that produces tasty, edible nuts. You'll love this trees' rustic and natural appeal, making it an excellent specimen tree.

Whitebark Pine is well-known for maintaining snow drifts, providing food and shelter to many species of wildlife, and bringing stability to steep slopes. This high elevation and adaptable tree is deer resistant and can withstand a variety of soils and moisture levels.


Whitebark Pine - 2 Year Old

Whitebark Pine - 2 Year Old

These two-year-old seedlings were grown in the greenhouse and are extremely healthy and large for the species.

An endangered species from the Rocky Mountains, this slow grower seldom produces cones until it is 50 years old but regularly survives to be 500 or more years of age. The seeds are large and sought after as a food source by wildlife as well as humans. Our staff think it is among the most attractive pines we have grown.

Stock Type: 415D Plug (170ml)
Age: 2 years (2+0)
Size: 5-10 cm (2-4")

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Whitebark Pine - 2 Year Old
Bundle of 3
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Whitebark Pine - 2 Year Old
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Whitebark Pine - 2 Year Old
Full Box of 180
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