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Travellers Joy Clematis vs Trumpet Vine

Clematis virginiana

Campsis radicans


Travellers Joy Clematis
Trumpet Vine

Traveller's Joy Clematis is a species of flowering plant that is native to North America. This plant produces vines which are quite aggressive and can climb to heights of 10-20 feet. Traveller's Joy produces white flowers between July and September and typically grows on the edge of forests, moist slopes, fence rows and on streambanks.

Trumpet Vine is a dense, multi-stemmed climbing vine with orange to red trumpet-shaped flowers. They bloom throughout the summer, adding a pop of colour to your landscape. Their fast growth rate and climbing abilities make it well suited for trellises, arbors, walls, and fences. It is recommended that structures are strong enough to bear the weight of the plant as it grows.

Regular pruning is recommended as blooms occur on new growth and it helps control the spreading nature of the plant. Care should be taken when planting the Trumpet Vine, especially in warmer climates as it can spread quickly. It is prone to suckering and will self-seed. Plant the right tree in the right place.



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Zone: 3a
Zone: 4a
Height: 5 m (16 ft)
Height: 9 m (30 ft)
Spread: 2.4 m (8 ft)
Moisture: normal, wet
Moisture: dry, normal
Light: partial shade
Light: partial shade, full sun
Flowers: white, fragrant
Flowers: orange to red
Growth rate: fast
Growth rate: fast
Life span: short
Life span: short
Suckering: none
Suckering: high

Toxicity: leaves are toxic

Toxicity: slightly toxic if eaten, contact with leaves, flowers, and sap can cause minor skin irritation among people and animals

Other Names: devils darning needles, devils hair, leather flower, love vine, travelers joy, virginia virgins bower, virgins bower, wild hops, woodbine
Other Names: common trumpet creeper, cow itch vine, devils shoestring, foxglove vine, hellvine, trumpet climber , trumpet creeper , trumpet flower , trumpet honeysuckle