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Virginia Creeper vs Somerset Grape

Parthenocissus quinquefolia

Vitis Somerset



Virginia Creeper
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Virginia Creeper is a fast-growing, climbing vine. Its root-like tendrils attach themselves to any non-smooth surface, even brick, but will also grow as a ground cover.

Virginia Creeper makes a beautiful ornamental plant for your garden; its attractive foliage turns from green to deep red in the fall. Birds will love its red berries.

The Somerset Grape is a cold-hardy variety that is sweet, with a hint of a strawberry taste and tender skin, making them excellent for fresh eating. The grapes grow throughout the summer and go from a light pink and deepen in color as they ripen. The grapes will be at their peak sweetness in mid to late September, making that the best time for harvest.

The Somerset Grape is considered a seedless variety. Occasionally the fruit will contain seeds, but they are soft and barely noticeable. The grapes themselves are a bit smaller than the average size you’d find in the grocery store, however the cluster is compact and quite big. This vine is best supported with a trellis.



Zone: 3a
Zone: 3a
Height: 0.3 m (1.0 ft)
Height: 1.5 m (5 ft)
Spread: 6 m (20 ft)
Spread: 0.5 m (1.5 ft)
Moisture: dry, normal
Moisture: dry, normal
Light: any
Light: full sun
Fall colour: red and purple
Berries: small, hard, purple
Harvest: Early to mid september
Growth rate: fast
Growth rate: very fast
Life span: medium
Life span: medium
Suckering: high
Suckering: none

Toxicity: berries are toxic

Other Names: five-finger, five-leaved ivy