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25 of the Best Fast Growing Trees in Saskatchewan

Have a tree planting project you wish you started five years ago? We can help you make up for lost time. We've ranked our 25 top-selling, best fast growing trees in Saskatchewan to help you out.

Popularity Name Category Climate
1Villosa Lilaclilac2a
2Okanese Poplarhybrid poplar2a
3Common Purple Lilaclilac2a
4Common Caraganashrub1b
5Acute Willowwillow2a
6Manitoba Maplemaple2a
7Lodgepole Pinepine1a
8Swedish Aspencolumnar2a
9Walker Poplarhybrid poplar2a
10Golden Willowwillow2a
11Laurel Leaf Willowwillow2b
12Balsam Poplarnative poplar2a
13Norway Sprucespruce2a
14Tristis Poplarhybrid poplar3a
15Northwest Poplarhybrid poplar2a
16Tower Poplarcolumnar2a
17Green Aldershrub1a
18Green Giant / Brooks #6 Poplarhybrid poplar2a
19Assiniboine Poplarhybrid poplar2a
20Prairie Sky Poplarhybrid poplar2b
21Sundancer Poplarhybrid poplar2a
22Quebec Poplarhybrid poplar2a
23Griffin / Brooks #1 Poplarhybrid poplar2a
24SkyFest Poplarhybrid poplar2a
25Hill Poplarhybrid poplar2a

Benefits of planting fast growing trees in Saskatchewan

Fast growing trees are a good choice for your project when you need the benefits of your trees as soon as possible. That's the obvious part.

But did you know that fast growing trees need less care too? It's true. Because they grow so fast, they get ahead of nearby species sooner so you don't need to mow or till around them for as long as slower growing trees.

This makes fast growing trees perfect for shelterbelts or mass planting. Think of all the time you could save by only having to mow or till around your trees for one or two seasons instead of five or six?

Benefits of buying from TreeTime.ca

Our fast growing trees come in a variety of ages, heights, and stock types. This helps you find the right trees at a price that works best for you. But no matter what you choose, every tree we sell is covered by our industry leading guarantee.

Benefits of buying your fast growing trees from TreeTime.ca instead of another Saskatchewan nursery:

  • low prices and volume discounts on quality seedlings
  • free shipping everywhere in Saskatchewan
  • choose your own shipping date (for the spring)
  • guaranteed healthy trees
  • low maintenance and better results than if you planted older trees
  • knowledgeable staff to help with purchasing



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