Looking for information on Maple Trees?

Maple Tree Benefits

Maple trees are a popular landscaping tree that are loved by many for their recognizable shape and autumn colors. They have medium to long lifespans and are tolerant of a wide variety of growing conditions.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider planting poplar trees:

  • brilliant colors in autumn - most maples develop stunning red, yellow or orange foliage in the fall
  • tolerant of various soils and moisture levels - chances are, you find a maple tree that can grow in your soil type and moisture level
  • drought tolerant - some species of maple can tolerate periods of drought
  • many shapes and sizes - some species, such as amur maple and tatarian maple grow to only 5 meters. Silver maple or sugar maple, on the other hand, can grows up to 20 meters tall
  • excellent shade trees - dense foliage make poplar ideal shade trees for property owners during the summer while allowing sunshine through in the winter with you'll appreciate it
  • shade tolerant - like most trees, maple will grow best in full sunlight. However, maple can do quite well in partial shade

Maple Trees for sale

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