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Spruce Tree Benefits

Spruce trees are popular evergreen landscaping trees because they are easy to plant and care for and they generally live a long time.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider planting spruce trees:

  • year-round color - all spruce trees retain their needles throughout the year. Adding a spruce tree to your yard ensures you have some color throughout the winter
  • tolerant of various soil and moisture conditions - its pretty easy to find a spruce tree that can grow just about anywhere in Canada
  • moderately shade tolerant - most spruce can tolerate some shading but do best in full sunlight
  • spruce are long-lived - most species can survive at least 100 years
  • attractive form - Colorado Blue spruce and Norway Spruce are planted in urban settings specifically because they are attractive
  • good for shelterbelts - Colorado Blue Spruce and White Spruce are particularly good choices for shelterbelts, hedges, and privacy screens
  • low maintenance - spruce trees generally require minimal maintenance

Spruce Trees for sale

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