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Shelterbelt and Windbreak Benefits

Shelterbelt trees play an important role in Canadian agriculture, particularly in the prairies where the effects of wind erosion can be devastating.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider planting shelterbelt trees around your fields:

  • reduce wind erosion - shelterbelt trees will protect fields from erosion caused by low moisture and wind
  • capture more snow melt - shelterbelt trees help retain more snow which melts in the spring
  • reduce evaporation - the shade and reduced wind speed provided by shelterbelts reduce evaloration
  • low maintenance - many species of trees that are recommended for shelterbelts require minimal care to be successful
  • drought tolerant - trees that are common in shelterbelts can survive periods of drought and don't require expensive irrigation
  • very hardy - shelterbelt trees are cold hardy

Planting shelterbelt trees near your home is beneficial as well, here are some reasons why:

  • increased privacy - trees are an unintrusive way of shielding your home and yard from unwanted attention
  • reduce wind speeds - nobody wants a windy yard or a home buffeted by high winds
  • save money on heating - a properly placed shelterbelt can reduce building heating requirements
  • reduce drifting snow - trees help prevent snow from accumulating where you don't want it
  • wildlife habitat - shelterbelts act as travel lanes, shelter, and food sources for many birds and animals

Shelterbelt and Windbreak Trees for sale

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