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Pine Tree Benefits

Pine trees make excellent landscaping trees because they are an easy tree to plant and care for and they generally live a long time.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider planting pine trees:

  • year-round color - all pine trees are evergreen, meaning they retain their needles throughout the year. Adding a pine tree to your yard ensures you have some color throughout the winter
  • tolerant of various soils - Species of pine trees are found across much of the country in varying soil types
  • drought and dry-soil tolerant - Pines can be found in some of the driest, most severe environments
  • pine are long-lived - most species can survive at least 100 years. In fact, Bristlecone pine is the world's longest-living conifer
  • attractive form - pine grows in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on species. Some reach majestic heights while smaller species make for excellent garden ornamentals
  • good for shelterbelts - Lodgepole pine and jack pine are particularly good choices for shelterbelts and privacy screens
  • low maintenance - pine trees generally require minimal maintenance, especially as they grow older
  • Non-invasive and non-destructive roots - help protect your property from soil erosion without worrying about invasive or destructive roots

Pine Trees for sale

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