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European White Birch for sale

European White Birch

European White Birch

Betula pendula


European White Birch is a mid-sized shade tree native to Eurasia. This deciduous tree has a pyramidal form when young, maturing into a rounded crown with arched branches and drooping branchlets.

The trunk is slender, with white bark featuring black diamond-shaped lenticels. European White Birch is an ideal landscape tree for parks and gardens.

Similar to the Cutleaf Weeping Birch, this species is a popular ornamental.

Note: Unfortunately this difficult to grow species is not currently scheduled to grow at Perhaps try purchasing seed from and growing your own? Or sign up for a restock notification above.


European White Birch - 1 Year Old

European White Birch - 1 Year Old

Greenhouse-grown one-year-old peat plugs of this very nice ornamental species.

Stock Type: 415D Plug (170ml)
Age: 1 year (1+0)
Size: Heights not available at harvest.

European White Birch - 1 Year Old
Bundle of 5
SAVE 40% (was $7.99)
European White Birch - 1 Year Old
Part box of 30
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European White Birch - 1 Year Old
Box of 180
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Zone: 2a
Height: 15 m (49 ft)
Spread: 8 m (25 ft)
Moisture: normal
Light: full sun
Fuzz/fluff: yes
Catkins: yes
Fall colour: bright yellow
Growth rate: fast
Life span: medium
Maintenance: low
Suckering: none
Pollution tolerance: medium

Other names: silver birch, weeping birch

Tags: Accent Trees, All Items, Birch, Deciduous Trees, Ornamental Trees

Ships to Canada: yes
Ships to USA: yes

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