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Are Alberta Tree Farms the best place to buy your next trees?

Alberta Tree Farms are awesome

Many people love the idea of driving out to their local Alberta tree farm, talking with the owner, and picking the trees they want. The thought of owning bigger trees from day one is very appealing to most people.


The reality isn't so glamorous. Do you own a truck, and how close is your local tree farm? Do they have the kind of trees you want? In the size you want? Do you have a friend to help you handle the trees, and will they survive the trip home? Do you have an hour to dig in each tree? Did you water it enough, or too much? Pretty soon, your romantic notion is a sweaty, expensive, full weekend project to plant a few trees.

A better way?

TreeTime.ca is an online Alberta tree farm. Buying from us couldn't be easier or more convenient. Our trees come in a variety of ages, heights, and stock types. This helps you find the right trees at a price that works best for you. But no matter what you choose, every tree we sell is covered by our industry leading guarantee.

  • Ordering is simple. No need to drive 20 minutes (or more) to and from a tree farm. Our plant finder and online inventory help you find the trees you need quickly and easily, and we ship them to you in the mail. Plus, you can buy your trees from our secure website 24 hours a day.
  • Save your money. Mature, potted trees could cost you $100 each at a tree farm. If you buy from TreeTime.ca, you could get up to 50 seedlings for the same price, depending on the species you choose. We offer low prices and volume discounts on quality seedlings.
  • Planting is easier, and faster. Instead of spending an hour digging and transplanting your trees, our customers can usually plant one of our seedlings in a couple of minutes, with the help of our planting guide.
  • Your trees will be happier. Transplanting stresses a tree's roots. Seedlings requires less attention and care, and have a higher survival rate. And, if you need bigger trees sooner, consider one of our fast-growing trees.