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Valiant Grape for sale

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Valiant Grape

Vitis cv. valiant

Reported to be one of the hardiest of all grape varieties. This variety will produce bluish red clusters of grapes that are great for jellies and juice. Grapes have long been used to cover arbors and trellises.

This is a self-pollinating variety so only one plant is required to set fruit. Many like this variety for fresh eating as it is similar to concord grapes.

Grapes are a higher maintenance species requiring regular care and pruning. Unchecked and uncared for grapes can spread, be eaten by birds, and have lesser yields.

Overwintering these vines with a thick mulch can help them overwinter better.


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Valiant Grape - 1 Year Old

Grown in the greenhouse and well established. These grapes will often die back to the root collar each year but put on more growth the following year.

Stock Type: 512A Peat Plug (220ml)
Age: 1 year (1+0)
Size: 15-50cm (6-19.5")

Valiant Grape - 1 Year Old
Bundle of 5
Valiant Grape - 1 Year Old
Part box of 30


Zone: 2b
Moisture: normal, wet
Light: full sun
Fall colour: leaves turn yellow
Berries: bluish red clusters of grapes that ripen in early fall
Growth rate: very fast
Maintenance: high
Suckering: none

Ships to Canada: yes
Ships to USA: no

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