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Sandbar Willow for sale

Sandbar Willow

Sandbar Willow

Salix exigua

Sandbar Willow is a deciduous species native to much of North America. This mid-sized, fast-growing shrub can be found in very wet areas, making it an ideal plan to use in a wet area with erosion risk.

Sandbar Willow has long, narrow green leaves, and its grassy narrow stems give it an attractive, bamboo-like appearance.

All willow are important to native pollinators each spring as they have higher amounts of pollen and nectar early each growing season when other food sources are scarce.


Sandbar Willow - 1 Year Old

Sandbar Willow - 1 Year Old

One-year-old greenhouse-grown trees.

Stock Type: 415D Plug (170 ml)
Age: 1+0
Size: 15-55 cm (6-21.5")

Sandbar Willow - 1 Year Old
Bundle of 10
Sandbar Willow - 1 Year Old
Part box of 30


Red Osier DogwoodSilver Buffalo BerryCommon Snowberry  
Red Osier DogwoodSilver Buffalo BerryCommon Snowberry  


Zone: 2a
Height: 4 m (13 ft)
Moisture: any
Light: partial shade, full sun
Fuzz/fluff: yes
Catkins: yes
Growth rate: fast
Maintenance: low
Suckering: medium
Pollution tolerance: medium

Tags: All Items, Native Alberta Plants, Native North America Plants, Shrubs, Waterside and Riparian Zone Plants, Willow

Ships to Canada: yes
Ships to USA: yes

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